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Greenhouse exhibition of tropical and subtropical plants

The aim of the exhibition of tropical and subtropical plants is to make part of the wide-ranging greenhouse collections of the Nový Dvůr Arboretum. The exhibitions bring together nearly 280 plant species from 70 families. This small area, extending to around 220 m2, showcases plant formations of widely differing geographical origin, including American, African, Australasian and Asian flora from tropical rainforests, tropical semi-deciduous and deciduous forests.


The flora of the tropics and subtropics is represented by a wide variety of species and plant structures, including giant trees, woody lianas, shrubs, palms, treelike ferns, bamboos and rich herbal undergrowth. Epiphytic bromeliads, orchids and ferns represent a biologically and morphologically unique group of ‘plants without soil’, which grow on a self-supporting epiphytic stem. The tough living conditions in the subtropical desert and semi-desert regions are the inspiration for a standalone exhibition of xerophytes, including displays of cacti and succulents, which constitute about a quarter of all species represented (70 taxons).

Obr.2: Realizace
skleníkové expozice
Obr.3: Dokončená
skleníková expozice
Obr.4: Montáž konstrukce
samonosného epifytního
Obr.5: Dokončený epifytní
kmen osazený epifytními
broméliemi, orchidejemi
a kapraďorosty

Article last updated: 30.07.2012

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