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Dendrological exhibition “The Trees of Five Continents”

The dendrological exhibition is spread over an area of 23 ha and currently encompasses nearly 7,000 species and cultivars of plants from home and abroad. The Arboretum is famous for its rich collections of selected families of trees and wooded plants, in particular its maples (Acer), viburnums (Viburnum), mock-oranges (Philadelphus), beeches (Betula) and witch-hazels (Hamamelis), as well as a rich variety of garden cultivars. The Arboretum exhibition also includes a moorland and heath area, sand-dunes and a group of frequently blossoming shrubs.


Dendrologická expozice

The dendrological exhibition is divided into geographical sections under the name ‘The Trees of Five Continents” and gives visitors a unique opportunity to view a rich variety of trees and wooded plants from North America, Japan, China, Korea and Siberia. The rich conifer family is represented by the Chamaecyparis cypresses, thujas (Thuja), junipers (Juniperus), spruces (Picea), pines (Pinus), hemlock (Tsuga) etc. There is also a significant representation of deciduous plants. The most popular rich collection of rhododendrons (Rhododendron) enjoys the greatest popularity in this part of the Arboretum. The exhibition includes exemplars of the massive sequoias, the Arizonian Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, which can reach the age of 4,00 years in its home territory, and the ancient, revered and medicinal ginkgo, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Amongst the other interesting dendrological exhibits are the legendary cedars, the metasequoia, a so-called ‘living fossil’, otherwise known only from fossils and the Microbiota creeping shrub, which has the smallest cones of any coniferous wooded plants. The Nový Dvůr Arboretum can also boast a rare specimen of the oldest plant in the world, the Wollemia nobilis.

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