The Petr Bezruč Chalet Ostravice

In the Land of Petr Bezruč

The Petr Bezruč Chalet in Ostravice was acquired by the Silesian Museum as part of the estate of Petr Bezruč. The chalet’s living quarters were left in their original state, including their interior furnishings as designed by Bezruč himself. In 1983 an exhibition entitled ‘In the Land of Petr Bezruč’ was set up in the adjacent shed. Visitors to the chalet will find here not only the authentic surroundings of the poet’s summer residence, but also walk in his footsteps, experience the life stories of the poet and, above all, know the land beneath the Beskids, whose story, at times difficult, was immortalised by the poet in his masterpiece – the Silesian Songs.

Article last updated: 30.07.2012

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